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My article in Yana magazine - December 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - November 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - October 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - September 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - August 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - July 2018.
My article in the magazine "Yana" - June 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - May 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - April 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - March 2018.
My article in the magazine "Yana" - February 2018.
My article in Yana magazine - January 2018.
Yana Magazine January 2016.
Magazine "Yana" December 2015.
Exhibition at the Center of Russian Culture “Stone Flower. Jewelry and dolls.

The exhibition presents the works of the Arteemus studio of author's jewelry under the direction of Irina Oleinik and the author's doll studio under the direction of Svetlana Vetrova. All work was done at the master classes.

The exhibition runs until October 8, 2015.

Diana Denisova and Irina Oleinik presented a fashion performance
"Women and Cats".
28.05.2015  Baltic Filmi kool hosted a show of new collections by fashion designer Diana Denisova and jewelry designer Irina Oleinik. This charity project, created jointly with the Tallinna Hansa Rotary Club, included two completely different sounding collections - "Jungle" and "Breath of the Sea - 2", combined into one Fashion show called
"Women and Cats".

In the September issue of the magazine "Yana", under the heading "My business", an article about my work was published.


"Beauty Embodied"
03.03.2014 Exhibition "Beauty Embodied" was opened at the Tallinn Russian Drama Theatre. The exhibition will last until April 4, everyone can visit the exhibition and enjoy the wonderful works of our magnificent masters.
Photo report:
02/22/2014 in VENEZIA, SAN SERVOLO will host a show of the collection of evening dresses "Marrakech" from the Italian brand AB Fashion Design and designer Anastasia Balak. The collection will be complemented by handmade jewelry made of high-quality natural stones by Irina Oleinik and
Oksana Linde Accessories by LINDE.
02/14/2014 at the DOM restaurant there will be a show forcollection of “Marrakech” evening wear.
The collection of evening dresses “Marrakech” is exclusive and is produced in limited quantities. Complements the collection of handmade jewelry made of high quality natural stones by craftsmen
Irina Oleinik and Oksana LindeAccessories by LINDE.
Komsomolskaya Pravda published article.
How to feel like a real queen on New Year's Eve!  
Worked on images:
Hair stylist:
Jekaterina Vassiljeva, Irene Chupriyanovskaya
Makeup Stylist: Iren Chupriyanovskaya
Jewelry: Irina Oleinik
Clothing provided by: Xenia Joost, Art of Wedding studio
Models: Anja Larina, Lera Nika
Text: Irene Chupriyanovskaya
The December issue of Yana magazine published a short article about my collection of jewelry “Fragrance of the East”.
A whole team of professionals worked on the creation of the images presented in this issue:
Photographer – Maria Misevichienė
Make-up stylist - Iren Chupriyanovskaya
Hair stylist - Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Dresses for the photo session were provided by the Art of Wedding studio.
Special thanks to the models! 
On October 24, at Tallinn Fashion Week 2013, a new collection by renowned Estonian designer Diana Denisova was presented. It was a great honor for me to collaborate with such a master as Diana.
I am glad that my jewelry became part of such a prestigious event in the life of Tallinn fashion as Tallinn Fashion Week 2013.
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