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Master Class

"Asymmetric necklace in the weaving technique."

We are glad to welcome you to III - rd steps of the beading tutorial

"Necklace made of semi-precious stones and beads in the technique of weaving"


This is a creative workshop where, under the guidance of an experienced instructor, you can create a unique necklace based on an individual sketch developed during this course.

Please note that currently, all video lessons are available only in the Russian language.

For whom is this master class intended?
  • Suitable for those who already possess bead weaving skills and want to expand their knowledge and abilities.

  • Have completed the 'Woven Pendant' and 'Woven Bracelet' masterclasses.

  • Enthusiasts of jewelry with semi-precious stones and crystals who want to create their unique piece.

  • Those who want to handcraft a necklace with semi-precious stones based on an individual sketch and personalized stone selection.

What will this course give you?

  • Based on this master class, you will be able to create an asymmetric necklace with multiple stones and crystals using bead weaving techniques.

  • You will have the excellent opportunity to consult with the master on the topics of the master class throughout the learning process.

"What knowledge and skills will you gain?

You will learn:

  • How to bead around stones using the two-needle weaving technique.

  • How to bead stones of various shapes and sizes, chatons, and rivolis.

  • How to connect beaded elements using the author's 'Spider Web' method.

During the master class:

  • You will learn how to select materials for your work.

  • You will gain knowledge in color theory and composition.

  • You will create an individual sketch for your work.

  • You will be able to use techniques such as mosaic weaving, netting, and 'Spider Web' (the author's name for it).

  • You will learn how to ensure that the necklace fits perfectly on any neck size.

How will it go?

  • Together we will work on creating a sketch of your jewelry;

  • During the master class, you will have the opportunity to receive feedback from me personally;

  • Training takes place on the AutoWebOffice platform.

How long will access to the course materials be available?

  • The master class is open for three months to complete the work. Those who complete the master class within three months and send me a photo of their work and feedback will receive unlimited lifetime access.

Upon completion of the course, you will receive:

  • A finished necklace made using bead weaving techniques.

  • A wealth of knowledge and skills for independent work in this technique.

Please note that currently, all video lessons are available only in the Russian language.

Our school has developed a step-by-step system for bead weaving techniques and beaded embroidery techniques using semi-precious stones, crystals, sequins, wire gimp, and other materials.

Ball Bronze 350 x350.jpg

I - st stage "Start" -  for those who are just getting acquainted with the techniques of weaving and embroidery  with beadsor have little experience.

Ball Silver 350 x350.jpg

II - nd stage "Master" - for those who have completed at least one course from the first stage or already have experience in beading techniques.

Ball Gold 350 x350.jpg


III - rd stage "Profi" - only for those who have passed the 2nd stage.


Why our school?

  • Lessons are taught by a teacher with pedagogical education and experience in conducting face-to-face workshops since 2013.

  • All lessons are filmed on video and accompanied by a detailed explanation. Presentation of the material as accessible and understandable as possible. In the classroom, we use diagrams and additional material specifically designed for each lesson.

  • We have a flexible individual approach to each student: if you are just starting work in this direction of the art - you can start training at the 1st stage. If you have experience in that case you can go straight to the second step and perform more complicated work, but only after an interview and viewing a portfolio of your work.

  • All classes are held in a mode convenient for you and without haste, with personal counseling.

  • Access to the materials of the master class is opened for three months from the moment of purchase for going through all lessons and completing the work. After that, access to the course materials is extended for a year. For those who bought two master classes or more, access to all courses will be unlimited in time.


What will you get

having completed the courses of our school? 


  • Knowledge and skills of the basic techniques of weaving and beadwork, learn how to create a unique product from beads and semi-precious stones;

  • You will have unique products created by your own hands;

  • Our workshops are a great opportunity to reveal your  creativity, get an energy boost, as well as excellent art therapy to improve mental and emotional well-being;

  • The knowledge gained in our school will give  you the opportunity to receive  an additional source of income;

Needlework  is creativity that brings joy and health!

Works of our students

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